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this is literally me(?)

I'm Matthew and I really like UNDER17 from what you can likely already gather. 20-something University student really into computers and Japanese culture. Certified N5, current level solid N4 to low N3. I also am a Japanese music nerd especially when it comes to anisong and enjoy following seiyuu.

I've been a fan ever since stumbling across their discography posted online which was obviously acquired legally... Before then I was a huge fan of Momoi Haruko since she was one of my favorite voice actress' from Japan. UNDER17 has a great variety of music ranging from upbeat and happy to ballads that are really able to highlight the vocal ability of Momoi, but I digress. I made this website since I really love this band and I don't think there are any other fansites for UNDER17, both Japanese or English considering how niche this stuff is. Not to mention that UNDER17 disbanded quickly during the early days of the internet. If they had a site at one point it's likely already lost to time. All information on this site was largely cited from the only available sources online as well as my own preexisting knowledge. Most of the Momoi Haruko page info was based on my personal reading of interviews, some of her blog entries and experiencng her music.

This site has a few pages, most of which are under construction right now. Currently working to finish the informational pages first and will later add extras such as a list of all music videos, add translations for tracklists etc. I'm decent at Japanese but nowhere near fluent so translations take time. But for now, enjoy! More coming soon... UNDER17 forever!